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Tribes2 14v14 10.03.2003
We dropped from TheLadder's 14v14 Tribes2 base ladder, and we will not go back.Ever. GG's to everyone who we fought there.
Another one bites the dust... 21.02.2003
After long inactivity, Hikkeri decided to make the final decision for ending his Tribes 2 career.
And in the CS front.. 05.02.2003
Our team is now in 23. position on Clanbase's Finnish CS-ladder.
Unreal Tournament 2003 30.01.2003
Our Unreal Tournament 2003 team is beginning its journey to fame and glory.
Backstabbing... 27.01.2003
...Hydee joined WRM.
. 1x.01.2003
Hellraider left and joined WW.
Again idlers leave... 10.01.2003
As Template and ketku also left to WW.
Hmmm... 09.01.2003
GleBa and Silli left us, apparently they are trying to get WereWolves active again... What other "ex-"WW's in our ranks are going to do remains to be seen.

It seems that Koleman, Dipswitch and Killometer are also leaving. Well, Koleman, Dipswitch and GleBa were very inactive already, but still this sucks bigtime as none of them(including Silli and Killometer) havent talked anything before.
I'd like to show good sportmanship and wish them good luck but this just sucks too much imo.

Training mission complete 04.01.2003
Yesterday Decap,Summeli and Valarias completed their training in The Finnish Defence Forces and are now ready to continue their service in Fury. Welcome back :)
Skins revealed 22.12.2002
Thanks to Inze's mad photoshop skills, we now have very nice looking skins for our T2 team. Only for Fury members to wear, but others can get them so you can see them in action. Just click that Skins link :)
Andy has left the building... 19.12.2002
... pretty much enuff said.
Bored... 15.12.2002
Boring sunday at work so good time to write something here...

We had couple good games recently, first 10v10 4.12 with ThreeWee, we lost it with only _1_ grab, dammit :)
Scores for maps were:
Drifts_SE: 3 - 214
Boss: 105 - 9 (whee)
Katabatic: 10 - 15 (grrr)

And 8.12 14v14 with eclipse
Scores for maps were:
Malignant: 5 - 414 (first time for us here :)
Minotaur: 727 - 333
Beggars: 11 - 13
Catching up... 25.11.2002
Phew, was gone for over month and lots of things happened... Biggest change was that our Tribes 2 team and Werewolves merged together. Main reason to that was (in both teams) desire to continue playing T2, but having severe player shortage.

Lots of matches played, with somewhat weaker results due the merger, but as we get accustomed to new players we are sure that we'll get stronger again.

Also other player changes.. Unha(to WRM) and Hyzza(to 3w) left us (before the merger)

And I'm probably forgetting something... well, gotta update later then.
Rejoined 14v14 ladder 15.9.2002
Today we rejoined TheLadder's 14v14 Ladder. Lets hope that everyone who's been active to get us back there will continue their activity in Tribes 2 :)
...and more T2 ppl... 4.9.2002
Unha joined us 30.8, but I forgot to update webbie until now...
...and more T2 Roster changes 29.8.2002
Kuldan decided to left us, and we dont miss him.
We gained Inze, Hypodermic and Miggus, so hope for getting back to 14v14 ladder is still alive...
T2 Roster changes... 25.8.2002
Sonique decided to end his T2 career.
T2 Roster changes 23.8.2002
bamse was kicked out from our t2-team due attitude problems. On other hand, we gained Mizi, welcome.
Also, summer break is mainly over, lots of scrimms and matches coming, and hopefully we can rejoin TheLadder's 14v14 ladder.
#4 at TheLadder 10v10 2.6.2002
Woohoo! After pretty easy win over Relativity, we are now at 4th position at TheLadder's 10v10 ladder. Scores for the game were: Beggar's Run 507 - 10, Slapdash 405 - 11. Now lets see how long we can enjoy of this position ;)
yet another recruitments 21.5.2002
Hyzza and Zammi joined us from WereWolves which had some internal problems, and Sonique(yes, ex-Mirage dude) decided that he needed some warming up games for twc, and joined us :)
yaddayadda 28.4.2002
Well again something to fill this empty space... Dime left to join NF, he knew ppl from there already so good luck... except when we meet them on match };) And, umm, Hyde joined.. seems that we also managed to turn him to irc-addict in the process.

Oh well.

Seems that Tribes 2 turned 1 year old about a month ago. He(or She?) have had a difficult childhood, with lot of time spent on hospital doctors trying to cure him/her. Apparently, another operation is scheduled sometime at summer ( yea sure.. riight ). Let's see if they can get him/her to decent shape then. Surprisingly, our T2 team also turned 1 year about a month ago. What a coincidence.

And, those were from Tribes 2 section... CS section seems to be dead(again), not sure though, they havent said anything, they just don't play matches so.. I guess I just could ask em, but they're probably already sleeping as its 0330 here and I'm not gonna wait that they will wake up. Best time to write stupid news to net.

-Ice (aka aissi for those t2 dudes)
GG 17.2.2002
Great game against FRG, we won clearly at our homemap,Beggar's Run(8-0), and lost a very tight game at Katabatic(2-3), and it was time for a tiebreaker... Archipelago.
We don't like this map a bit, but our defense managed to keep flag home, and when 5mins was left on map, we managed to get cap. We dropped the flag maybe 6 times while getting the flag home, but finally our HoF managed to make the final inches to the cap. Woohoo, 1-0 and everybody to the defense for last minutes :)

And welcome Astraali, our newest cannon fodder :)
Fresh meat to the grinder 27.1.2002
Again couple new guys, Hikkeri who hasn't been in any clan before, and Dime who switched to our team from dying WRM.
Tribes 2 stuff. 19.12.2001
Surprisingly our win streak was stopped, and changed to losing streak. Oh, well :) 5 losses and 1 win after that, but 4 of 5 losses were caused(more or less) that we had to play undermanned.

And in other news, Mirage quit Tribes 2, good for us since we got Summeli and Kuldan to help us, also Decap from WRM switched to our merry team. Not so good for Mirage since they are getting their asses kicked at RtCW by SSW :)

And due Mirage quitting we are number 1 at Clanbase CnH Ladder. Woohoo! :)
Tribes 2 winning streak. 30.10.2001
With a nice 7 win in a row, we have already risen to 14th position at The Ladder and 8th place at Clanbase. And with few new players, Garde, Rustman and Wode, we will continue towards the top.
QuakeWorld skins revisited. 20.10.2001
Dragon (Fury wannabe) managed to find some old Fury qw skins. Those masterpieces are now here. Thanks Moku, great artwork back then :)
Tribes 2 results. 17.10.2001
Lots of Tribes 2 match results added. If you notice that something is missing, mail to no@spam.thx Also check Ancient News, quite fun stories from our past.
Another layout, serious design? 13.10.2001
'Nuff said.